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Conference Paper

"Cost-Sensitive Self-Training for Optimizing Non-Decomposable Metrics" presented on NeurIPS 2022

Recently, in our joint research with the Indian Institute of Science, we have developed an AI technology called cost-sensitive self-training that can optimize practical real-world metrics which are complex and present it at NeurIPS 2022. I…

"Exploring the Whole Rashomon Set of Sparse Decision Trees" presented on NeurIPS 2022

We are conducting research and development on "AI-based Knowledge Discovery". Recently, We have started a joint research project with [Duke University's Interpretable Machine Learning Lab (, and …

Our research result on systematic generalization presented at NeurIPS 2021

Japanese version I'm Tomotake Sasaki, a senior researcher at Autonomous Learning Project in Fujitsu Research. Fujitsu Research aims to create “AI that can learn autonomously”, and has been running a joint research program towards this goal…